We're a couple team working out of the Niagara Region and we specialize in a broad range of services for both photography and videography. Our equipment is as professional as it gets with us both slinging two bodies each on top of the drone, GoPro, multiple audio recorders, and portable studio lighting. We're fun-loving, easy-going, and always up for a challenge!


“Two of the most fun, wonderful and talented people! You will not regret booking them! I can't wait to book them for future events!”

—Carling & Patrick

“Ace Productions were amazing, I would highly recommend them! Andrew and Stacy are so friendly and professional and captured every moment of our wedding perfectly. Andrew had told me to forget they were even there and go along with enjoying my special day, they handled and had everything covered without any worry in the world. Also very affordable as I was on the fence about hiring a videographer. I am so glad I did, I will forever cherish our wedding video they put together for us!”

—Laura & Robbie

“Amazing professional work! It was fun having you guys there for the day and taking all our wedding photos! I would highly recommend them... they're also extremely patient!”

—Carrie & Gary

“Andrew and Stacy are incredible.
From day one, both of them answered all my questions immediately and met me when needed.

My first request was if they could take a video of our rehearsal,
Instead of speeches and have that played at our wedding, they have never done this before but they took on the task. They edited the video and played it at our wedding, and it was amazing!!!!!”

—Brooke & Dave

“I was blown out of the water by Andrew and Stacy. They were incredibly creative and adapted well to our quirky wedding group - picking up on mine and my husband's individual tastes. Our wedding was meant to be very relaxed and unstructured and they accommodated that so well. Not to mention, they picked up on my anxieties and were just so accommodating with getting me through that. Our wedding drifted over to the local beer festival and these two went above and beyond to catch us in those moments!”

—Hannah & Robbie